Book recommendation - A Brief History of European Languages

This paper will recommend several good books, which will help us understand the language development in Europe.

  1. Latin language and literature

    Title: Latino.Grammatica descrittiva

    Authors:  Angelo. Tantucci, Vittorio. Roncoroni

    Publisher: Poseidonia, 2006.01


  2. A brief history of Italian culture

    Title: A brief history of Italian culture

    Editors: Jun Wang, Suna Wang

              Publisher: Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press,2021.02


        3.   Introduction to Italian Literature History

             Title: Invito alla letteratura-DalSeicentoall Ottocento(Volume1)

            Authors: Giorgio Barberi Squarotti,Giordano Genghini,Annalisa Pardini

            Publisher: Atlas


      4. Evolution of Italian

            Title: La storia della lingua italiana attraverso i test

            Authors: Claudio Marazzini

            Publisher: Il mulino, 2006 (italy)


       5. Italian-Chinese comparative grammar

            Title: La nuova grammatica della lingua italiana

           Authors: Maurizio Dardano, Pertro Trifone

           Publisher: Zanichelli



David Porter did a short review about Early modern European languages and literature. For information, please click: