Buzzwords of China in 2018

After readers' collection, netizens' voting, experts' selection and media voting, the editorial department of Chewing Words in China selected "Top Ten Popular Words in China in 2018".

  1. A community with a shared future.

    Explanation: The community of destiny, that is, the collective of destiny formed under the same conditions, originated from Community of Shared Future for Mankind.

    Origin: On March 11, 2018, the first session of the 13th National People's Congress passed the Constitutional Amendment, which changed "developing diplomatic relations and economic and cultural exchanges with other countries" in the Preface to "developing diplomatic relations and economic and cultural exchanges with other countries and promoting the construction of Community of Shared Future for Mankind". The construction of "Community of Shared Future for Mankind" has attracted the attention of all countries, gained global recognition, and became the international consensus to promote the reform of global governance system and build a new type of international relations. Community of Destiny has become a global "hot word".


  2. Koi fisha lucky dog

    Explanation: koi fish, originally a kind of high-grade ornamental fish, has great ornamental value and is deeply loved by people. Later, "koi fish" began to generally refer to people who are extremely lucky in small probability events.

    Source: During the National Day of 2018, Alipay official Weibo launched a lucky draw, which was drawn from those who forwarded this lucky draw to Weibo, and the winner was "koi fish, China", attracting more than 3 million reposts. On October 7th, Alipay announced the results of the lucky draw, and the lucky "China koi fish" won the "China koi fish Global Free Gift Package". "koi fish" became popular immediately, and there was a wave of forwarding koi fish images with words such as "koi fish Transshipment", "koi fish Prayer", "koi fish Blessing" and "koi fish Wish" on the Internet. "koi fish" became a symbol of "good luck". The popularity of "koi fish" and the generalization of its significance imply people's yearning for a better life.

  3. Waiter

    Explanation: Originally, it refers to the people who were responsible for receiving customers in tea houses, pubs and hotels. Later, it gradually evolved into a new meaning, which refers to government officials and leaders who promote economic development and provide thoughtful services for enterprises.

    Source: The enthusiastic attitude and thoughtful service of "Shopkeeper" are important factors for the store to bring customers a wonderful experience. The main leaders of Zhejiang once advocated that government officials and leaders should be "shopkeepers" who serve enterprises and grass-roots units. This year, Shanghai's main leaders also stressed that "the government should strive to be a good shop assistant". Carrying forward the spirit of "shopkeepers" is a reorientation of the roles of government officials and leaders in the social and economic structure, and a concrete measure to comprehensively deepen reform in the new era.

  4. A textbook case

    Explanation: Describe something that is done in accordance with standards and specifications.

    Source: In May, 2018, someone uploaded a video of Shanghai police enforcing the law on the street. In the video, law enforcement officers investigate and deal with illegal acts, which are impeccable in both law enforcement procedures and on-site instructions, and have textbook-like standardization, called "textbook-style law enforcement" by netizens. With the popularity of video, "textbook style" has gradually spread. It refers to "standard", "exemplary", "classic", "demonstration" and "perfect", etc., describing something as being done in a very standard and standard way, such as "textbook style performance", "textbook style avoidance", "textbook style design", etc. At the same time, there are some sayings in language use, such as "textbook-style cheating", "textbook-style underlaying" and "textbook-style cheat people", which are the reverse of "textbook-style".

  5. Officially announce / official announcement

    Explanation: It refers to official announcement and news, emphasizing authority and reliability.

    Source: On October 16, 2018, Zhao Liying and William Feng simultaneously published an "official announcement" on the Weibo, announcing the good news of their marriage. Both of them are stars with numerous fans, and the wedding news has attracted much attention, which has led to crazy forwarding on the Internet. A few days later, "official announcements" appeared in old and new media, all of which were news announced by someone or an organization. "Official announcement" is derived from "official website", meaning "official announcement". Its "official" refers to the owner of certain power. "Official" refers to the government, such as "official personage" and "official news", etc. The unofficial acts of individuals and institutions are called "official", which also means emphasizing their authority and reliability.

  6. Soul gaze

    Explanation: The "confirmed eyes" in the popular network only means "confirmed" and "identified", which is not necessarily related to "eyes". This usage originated from a Weibo posted by a netizen during the Spring Festival (February 15th, 2018), "Confirmed your eyes, you are from Guangdong", in order to spit out the small denomination of Cantonese red envelopes for the New Year.

    Source: It was confirmed from the eyes, from a lyric in JJ Lin's Drunken Red Cliff: "After confirming the eyes, I met the right person."

  7. Withdraw from a group

    Explanation: Group refers to a group established on social platforms such as WeChat and QQ, which can be used for a certain number of people to communicate; Quit the group, that is, quit the communication group on a social platform. Later, the meaning was extended and the scope of use was expanded. Withdrawing from a group also meant withdrawing from a certain group.

    Origin: After Trump became president, the United States has successively withdrawn from many international agreements or organizations, such as Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, Paris Climate Change Agreement, Comprehensive Agreement on Iran's Nuclear Issue, Universal Postal Union, UNESCO and so on. Trump even threatened that the United States would withdraw from the World Trade Organization. Therefore, "retiring from the group" has become a high-frequency hot word and widely appears in news reports.


  8. Buddha-like

    Explanation: The popularity of "Buddhism" reflects the young people's aversion to penny-pinching and irrational disputes, hoping to build a harmonious life order. It has also been said that young people laugh at themselves with "Buddhism", which reflects the helplessness of simply lowering the expectation of life, and reflects an undesirable negative attitude towards life.

    Source: "Buddhism" is a foreign word. In 2014, a Japanese magazine introduced a "new male variety"-"Buddhist man", that is, a man who loves to be alone, focuses on his personal interests and doesn't want to spend time with the opposite sex. In December 2017, a blog post titled "The First Post-90s Converted to Buddhism" introduced the "Buddhist" lifestyle of young people.

  9. Big baby

    Explanation: This refers to a huge baby. In recent years, people use "giant baby" to refer to adults who are mentally stranded in infancy. This kind of people are self-centered, lack of awareness of rules and moral constraints. Once the situation exceeds their expectations, they will lose control of their emotions, produce excessive irrational behavior and bring disastrous consequences to society.

  10. Argumentative person

    Explanation: Such people often don't ask the truth, ask for right and wrong, oppose for opposition, and argue for argument. Source: "Gang Jing" appeared in 2017. In April of 2018, someone published a cartoon poking fun at "Gang Jing" on the Internet: a girl confessed to a "Gang Jing" and asked to see his mother. "Gang Jing" said: This is the only thing that can't be done, because "Gang Jing" doesn't deserve a mother.



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